Now Accepting Applications for the Minor in Medieval Studies

May 2, 2024

Students in the Class of 2025 and beyond can now pursue a Minor in Medieval Studies. The program of study offers a flexible course model with independent work options and is designed to welcome students pursuing any degree concentration.

The Program in Medieval Studies encourages the interdisciplinary study of the Middle Ages: its art, literature, music, religion, science, philosophy, politics, and economic and social structures. Students in the minor explore the past through the cutting-edge methods and questions of various contemporary disciplines, including archaeology, biology, art history, computer science, anthropology, literatures and languages, manuscript studies, archival studies, history, religious studies, environmental history, and biology and chemistry.

Guided by members of our faculty and supported by the vast resources for medieval studies at Princeton, students develop individual approaches and techniques to studying cultures of the past and their continued importance today. Courses and independent work prioritize students’ direct engagement with primary sources, often working out of Princeton’s extraordinary collections. The program prizes scholarly community: undergraduate students study in formal collaboration through their senior colloquium and enjoy many opportunities to engage with faculty, graduate students and one another through regular program activities.

The minor’s multidisciplinary training in the study of history, culture, and society fosters students’ future work in a variety of fields including heritage management, media, archives and museums, publishing, legal studies, public scholarship, and academic research.

Students can apply for the minor as early as the spring of their sophomore year. All interested students can contact Anna D’Elia, program manager, for more information.

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