Environmental History Lab – Projects/Research Initiatives

1. Climate Change and History Research Initiative


A comparative approach to climate, environment and society in Eurasia: towards understanding the impact of climate on complex societies. This interdisciplinary project investigates the impact of climatic changes across the last two millennia on societies in two environmentally sensitive areas:

The eastern Mediterranean basin (including the Balkans, Anatolia and the Near and Middle East).

The eastern Eurasian steppe, in particular Mongolia and the regions north of China.

The main foci of the project are (1) the differential impacts of climate and environmental change on complex societies and state formation and (2) the impact of human society and polities on the environment.

2. The PLAGUE (Plague in Late Antiquity: Gathering the Uncertain Evidence) App


This digital application aims to facilitate scholarly analysis in understanding the Justinianic Plague and past scholarship on it. By juxtaposing the primary sources, their claims, the scholarly interpretations of these claims, and contemporary scholarship on plague we hope to provide a resource that will help scholars arrive at an informed and balanced judgment as to whether or not the thin evidence available for plague fits the grand scholarly narratives constructed around it.

3. Haifa Center for Mediterranean History


The Haifa Center for Mediterranean History is an interdisciplinary center that focuses on cross-disciplinary discussions around the environmental history of the Mediterranean, often within the context of the Levant and with an emphasis on material culture.

4. Palaeo-Science and History (PS&H)

Independent Max Planck Research Group, 2018-2023


The “Palaeo-Science and History” (PS&H) Independent Max Planck Research Group (formerly “Byzantine Resilience” (ByzRes)) explores the ways in which history as a humanistic discipline converges with the environmental sciences that focus on the past (and thus can be described as “palaeo-science”).

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