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EHL Seminar: “HistoGenes: Integrating Genomic, Archaeological, and Historical Perspectives on Eastern Central Europe”

Krishna Veeramah, Stony Brook University; Deven Vyas, Stony Brook University; Yijie Tian, Stony Brook University; István Koncz, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest; Patrick Geary, Institute for Advanced Study

Wed, 10/5 · 4:30 pm7:00 pm EDT · 219 Aaron Burr Hall or Zoom

Environmental History Lab

This seminar is organized by The Environmental History Lab (EHL), an interdisciplinary program affiliated with the Program in Medieval Studies and funded by a Humanities Council David A. Gardner ’69 Magic Grant for innovation.

Attendance is possible by Zoom (via registration) or in-person. In-person attendees are required to wear face masks while in the room.

Register on the EHL website.

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