Family in the Premodern World: A Comparative Approach

Fri, 4/7Sat, 4/8 · 209 Scheide Caldwell

Organized by Lee Mordechai (Princeton University) and Sara McDougall (CUNY)

Program in Medieval Studies


The presenters are Michelle Armstrong-Partida, Mišo Dokmanović, Emmanuël Falzone, Ida Ferrero, Michaela Granger, Erin Jordan, George Kallander, Sara McDougall, Lee Mordechai, Luke John Murphy, David Stark, Susan Mosher Stuard, Ann Waltner.

Pre-circulated papers can be found here.

Sponsors:  Committee of the Study of Late Antiquity, Medieval Studies, the Humanities Council, the Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies, with the support of the Stanley J. Seeger Hellenic Fund, Center for Human Values, Near Eastern Studies, the Program in Judaic Studies, the Program in the Ancient World, The Center for Collaborative History, the Graduate School

Family in the Premodern World: A Comparative Approach \ Schedule

Friday, April 7

14:00 – Introduction

14:10-15:40, Session 1:

Michelle Armstrong-Partida, Illegitimacy, Fatherhood, and Family Strategies in Late Medieval Catalunya

Sara McDougall, Bastard Priests and their Families in Medieval Europe

15:40: Coffee break

15:50-18:00, Session 2:

George Kallander, Hunting Trips, Mongol Queens, and Qadan: Koryŏ-Mongol Marriage Alliances in the Late Thirteenth Century

Lee Mordechai, Social Mobility, Imperial Succession, and Elite Families in Eleventh Century Byzantium

Erin Jordan, When the Personal is Political: Family Conflict and Resolution in the Latin East

Saturday, April 8

9:00 – Breakfast in Scheide Caldwell 209

9:30-11:00, Session 3:

Mišo Dokmanović, The Slavic World Meets the Turks: The Transformation of the Family in 14th and 15th century Macedonia

Ann Waltner, Widow Chastity and the Family System in Ming and Qing Dynasty China

11:00 – Coffee break

11:10-12:40, Session 4:

Emmanuël Falzone, Testing the Boundaries of a Concept. Family Litigation, Social Normativity and Concubinage before Consistory Courts in the Southern Low Countries (15th-16th Centuries)

David Stark, Coming of Age in Eighteenth-Century Puerto Rico: The Baptismal Sponsorship of Enslaved Infants in Arecibo, 1735-1772

12:40: Lunch

14:00-15:30, Session 5:

Susan Mosher Stuard, Where Notaries Provided Services to Italian Townspeople

Ida Ferrero, Jewish families in the early XVIII century in Turin, Italy: marriage contracts and dowries

15:30 – Coffee break

15:40-17:10, Session 6:

Luke John Murphy, Familial Religion in Pre-Christian Scandinavia? Ancestor-Worship, Mother-Priestesses, and Offerings for the Elves

Michaela Granger, ‘Against the Laws of Nature’: Mothers, Martyrs, and Patriarchs in the Late Antique West

17:10 – Discussion

17:40 – Conclusion