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LAMB WORKSHOP – Rejoice, my Innards, Rejoice: The Talmudic Tale of a Saintly Rabbi

Adina Goldman, Princeton University

April 27, 2022 · 6:00 pm7:30 pm · HYBRID: In-Person (University Faculty & Staff): 209 Sheide-Caldwell, Zoom (Public) RSVP to Obtain Zoom Link Required & to Download Pre-Circulated Paper

Program for Medieval Studies, Sponsored by the departments of Art & Archeology, English, History and Religion

The Late Antique, Medieval, and Byzantine Workshop at Princeton University (LAMB) brings together graduate students from across departments and disciplines who study and research any region ca. 300-1500 CE, and offers an opportunity to present and discuss their research with others from within and outside their fields.

In addition to providing scholarly support, development, and camaraderie, LAMB prepares us to flourish after graduation. Pre-modernists are often tasked with teaching across geographies and time periods. Learning from each other through workshops provides an opportunity to put our research and our disciplines in conversation with one another. This is essential since medieval studies is unusually interdisciplinary by design, necessity, and institutional history.

LAMB meetings are open to the public via Zoom and Hybrid for University Faculty and Staff.

Click here to RSVP  & to Download the Pre-Circulated Paper

For questions, please contact Abigail Sargent (ams5@princeton.edu) or Nick Churik (nchurik@princeton.edu).


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