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Winter School – Introduction into HTR: Handwritten Text Recognition Technologies of Medieval Manuscripts (Latin|German|Czech)

October 21, 2022December 21, 2022 · Zoom and Vienna


4 Zoom online sessions | Oct 21, Nov 4 and 18, Dec 4

3-day-workshop in Vienna | December 19-21

Over the last decade, Machine Learning tools have been developed to allow for the automatic transcription of documents at previously unobtainable levels of accuracy. Today, libraries have used these tools to make their collections searchable, while researchers have sped up the process of creating editions of texts and adopted them for the study of medieval documents.

The course will offer an introduction into some of these ongoing projects, but more importantly provide an introduction into the practice of studying medieval documents with Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) technologies.

More information is available on the MARBAS website.

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