Medieval Studies Book Club

The Medieval Studies Book Club, a gathering of mostly graduate students from several departments, aims to offer books and develop discussions that bring us together across the various subfields of Medieval Studies in an effort to identify how the (often unfamiliar) perspectives, questions, and methodologies of our colleagues from diverse disciplines can expand and inspire our own thinking and research. To do this, we will be soliciting input across all fields, where we will actively develop cross-discipline connections that bring our community closer together and inspire all of our work with new perspectives and approaches.  

Please note that, per book club tradition, requesting a copy of the book constitutes a commitment to participate in the group discussion. Please make sure you can attend the session before requesting a book.

If you would like to participate in the sessions, please send us a note with your name and the mailing address to which you would like your copy of the book to be shipped.

For more information, please contact

Albert Kohn (Graduate Student, History)

Anna D’Elia (Medieval Studies Program Manager)

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