Executive Committee

Emmanuel C. Bourbouhakis

Associate Professor of Classics and the Stanley J. Seeger '52 Center for Hellenic Studies; Acting Director, Program in the Ancient World

Marina S. Brownlee

Robert Schirmer Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures and Comparative Literature

Tera W. Hunter, ex officio

Edwards Professor of American History; Professor of History and African American Studies; Acting Chair, Council of the Humanities; Acting Director, Program in Humanistic Studies

Beatrice Kitzinger

Associate Professor of Art and Archaeology; Acting Director, Program in Medieval Studies; Harold Willis Dodds University Preceptor.

Daniela Mairhofer

Assistant Professor of Classics; Richard Allen Lester University Preceptor

Esther Schor, ex officio

Leonard L. Milberg '53 Professor of American Jewish Studies; Professor of English; Chair, Council of the Humanities; Director, Stewart Seminars in Religion; Director, Program in Humanistic Studies

Jack B. Tannous

Associate Professor of History and Hellenic Studies; Chair, Committee for the Study of Late Antiquity; Director, Program in Hellenic Studies

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