Strayer Prize

The Joseph R. Strayer Prize in Medieval Studies is given annually to a graduating senior who, in the judgment of the faculty, has done outstanding work in some area of medieval studies. Preference shall be given to a student who writes a thesis on Medieval European Studies (800-1500) or on a topic in medieval art or architecture. Candidates must have taken an advanced course in Latin and a course in medieval art or architecture, or in Classical Islamic Art or Architecture. The Prize may also be divided equally between two students if the faculty deem them equally worthy.

2023 Strayer Prize Winner

Micah Newberger – “A Great Voice: On Language from Sinai”

2022 Strayer Prize Winner

Juan José López Haddad -“The Scholar’s Path: Paris Through the Eyes of John of Garland

2021 Strayer Prize Co-Winners

Elizabeth Bailey – “‘A Dragon with Nine Heads’: Muslims, Jews, and Eastern Christians in the Thirteenth-Century Kingdom of Jerusalem”
Ethan Glattfelder – “Making the Monster: Bodies of Work in Old French Romance”

2020 Strayer Prize Co-Winners

Chris Howard – “Sero Te Amavi: North African Church Controversies and the Maturation of Augustine’s Theology of Love”
Elizabeth Lilly – “When Fine Words Fail: War, Peace, and the Administration of the Negotium pacis et fidei in Languedoc, 1208-1249″

2019 Strayer Prize Co-Winners

William Nolan – “A Willful Wrong: Aquinas’s Reconstitution of Aristotelian Akratic Action”
Hundley Poulson – “The Burgundian School of Law: Roman Precedent and Legal Innovation in Gundobad and Sigismund’s Kingdom”

2018 Strayer Prize Co-Winners

Brigid K. Ehrmantraut -“Fog on the Barrow-downs:” Mythologization of Tumuli in Old Irish, Old English, & Insular Literature
Theodore Furchtgott -“The Murder of Henry of Almain”

2017 Strayer Prize Co-Winners

Daniel R. Elkind – “The Politics of Hagiography in Late Merovingian Francia:  An Archaeology of the Passio Leudegarii I”
Whitney Sha – “How to Do Things with Names”

2016 Strayer Prize Co-Winners

Alejandro Cuadrado – “The Poetics of Pilgrimage in Dante’s Commedia”
Ryan Low – “A New Assessment of Private Jurisdiction and Royal Power in Medieval Paris”

2015 Strayer Prize Co-Winners

Luca L. Politi – “Christian Paideia: Models from the Church Fathers”
Melissa Tu – “Medieval Polyphony’s Prayers and Love-Songs: Dialogues between Sacred and Profane Voices in the Montpellier Codex”

2013 Strayer Prize Winner

Madeline McMahon – “‘Ani one example of the primitiue Churche’: Church History and Confessional Identity in Sixteeth-Century England”

2012 Strayer Prize Co-Winners

Emily Kirkegaard – “Byzantium in Carolingian Eyes: Strategies of Competition and Distinction”
Michelle Ripplinger – “The Female Reader in Middle English Literature, c. 1370-1450”

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