Please see the links below for lecture videos from Medieval Studies and related projects.

22 – 23 Medieval Studies Opening Lecture

Tuesday, September 20, 2022
“Poison and politics: toward a (pre-modern?) theory of community and communication”
David Nirenberg, Institute for Advanced Study

Seminar Series – Race, Race-Thinking, and Identity in the Middle Ages and Medieval Studies

Thursday, February 11, 2021
“Critical Approaches to Race and Ethnicity: Premodern Identities and the Trans-Atlantic Politics of Scholarship”
Cord Whitaker, Wellesley College
Walter Pohl, University of Vienna

Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Skin and Blood? Blackness and Arabness in Middle Eastern Perspectives
Rachel Schine, NYU Abu Dhabi
Peter Webb, Leiden University

Environmental History Lab

Seminar Series – Past answers to current concerns: Approaches to understanding historical societal resilience

October 6 – November 10, 2020
Seminars 1 – 6

Climate Change and Research History Initiative (CCHRI)

Seminar Series – Pandemics in the Past: from Prehistory to (almost) the Present

May 14 – June 18, 2020
Seminars 1 – 5

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