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“Race, Race-Thinking, and Identity in the Middle Ages and Medieval Studies,” a seminar series supported by the Humanities Council, is featured in the latest issue of Discovery: Research at Princeton magazine. The 2020-21 virtual series was created to inspire and further establish reflections about race, race-thinking, and racialization among scholars of the late Antiquity and […]

The Program in Medieval Studies at Princeton University encourages interdisciplinary study of the European Middle Ages: its art, literature (Latin and vernacular), music, religion, science, philosophy, politics and economic and social structures.

Supported by the vast resources for medieval studies at Princeton University (including an outstanding manuscript collection and the photographic archive known as the Index of Medieval Art), it offers a certificate for undergraduates and, in that context, sponsors one course, an introductory seminar, and a (non-credit) thesis writers’ colloquium for seniors.

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Beatrice Kitzinger

Beatrice Kitzinger, Acting Director

Associate Professor of Art and Archaeology; Acting Director, Program in Medieval Studies; Harold Willis Dodds University Preceptor.

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