Video: Medieval Studies online seminar series and events

June 24, 2021
A slide from the presentation on “Critical Approaches to Race and Ethnicity: Premodern Identities and the Trans-Atlantic Politics of Scholarship ” by Walter Pohl and Cord Whitaker

Beginning in May 2020, the Program in Medieval Studies began offering seminar series online to the Princeton community and the broader community of medieval scholars. These seminars ranged from pandemics in the past, societal resilience and impacts from historic plagues, and race and race-thinking in the Middle Ages.

Seminar series included:

Race, Race-Thinking, and Identity in the Middle Ages and Medieval Studies

Environmental History Lab Seminar Series – Past answers to current concerns: Approaches to understanding historical societal resilience

Climate Change and Research History Initiative (CCHRI) Seminar Series – Pandemics in the Past: from Prehistory to (almost) the Present

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