Discovery Research Magazine Highlights Virtual Seminar Series on Medieval Origins of Modern Racism

February 16, 2022
Source: Creative Commons License, Yelkrokoyade

“Race, Race-Thinking, and Identity in the Middle Ages and Medieval Studies,” a seminar series supported by the Humanities Council, is featured in the latest issue of Discovery: Research at Princeton magazine.

The 2020-21 virtual series was created to inspire and further establish reflections about race, race-thinking, and racialization among scholars of the late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. The group includes scholars from the Program in Medieval Studies at Princeton University, the nearby Institute for Advanced Study, the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and the academic professional association known as the Medievalists of Color.

“By exploring race in a comparative setting across the U.S. and Europe from different disciplines and different historical contexts, we hope to gain a greater understanding of how modern concepts of race came to be,” said Helmut Reimitz, professor of history and director of the Program in Medieval Studies, who convened the seminar series. “And by doing so we also hope to learn more about how this history shapes the way that people think about race today.”

Read the full feature in Discovery magazine.

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