Janet Martin, Medieval Latinist and ‘Gracious, Generous Mentor,’ Dies at 84

October 23, 2023
Photo courtesy of the Department of Classics

Janet Martin, associate professor of classics, emeritus, and an expert in medieval Latin, died on Aug. 30. She was 84. She joined the Princeton faculty in 1973, where she taught for 37 years, and transferred to emeritus status in 2010.

William Chester Jordan, the Dayton-Stockton Professor of History, director of the Humanities Council’s Program in Medieval Studies and a 1973 graduate alumnus, said Martin was indispensable in helping to establish the undergraduate Program in Medieval Studies. “Janet Martin was an excellent Latinist, who from early in her career at Princeton shared her expertise with many medievalists on the faculty,” he said, noting that she frequently gave invited lectures in the gateway course for undergraduate certificate students in medieval studies. “She inspired a number of them to pursue graduate study in the field.”

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