Pursue concentrated interdisciplinary study of the European Middle Ages to earn a certificate in medieval studies along with your major.


Current freshman to juniors


Coursework: Medieval Studies 227 (The World of the Middle Ages), offered in the Fall, or the equivalent such as HUM 216/217, plus four courses on a medieval topic. Students who have already taken a number of medieval courses may talk to the Director about a waiver of the MED 227 requirement. Not all of the four topics can be in the same department and one of them must be at the 400 level.

Thesis Colloquium: During the senior year, certificate students will meet regularly with the director to discuss their work in progress. These meetings may become more frequent in the spring, but are on average biweekly.

Language Requirement: Latin (to 108) is recommended. (Greek if your main interest is in Byzantine history and literature). Alternatively, you may complete a course in a medieval language including Old or Middle English, Old French or Provençal, Middle High German, Old Norse, medieval Italian, medieval Spanish, Hebrew, or Arabic. Certificate students will have to demonstrate competence in Latin, Greek, or at least one of these medieval languages, or in one of the major modern European languages to the 207 level.

Independent Work: One junior paper and the senior thesis must be on a medieval topic. Students concentrating in the sciences or Math may write an additional research paper (ca. 40 pages) to satisfy the thesis requirement.

Undergraduate Announcement requirements summary

Entering the Program

If you are thinking about obtaining this certificate upon graduation (or just thinking about how to develop your interest in the Middle Ages further), see the director, Helmut Reimitz, even in your freshman year and even if your general plan of study tends more toward the sciences than the humanities. There is a form to complete and we will put you on our mailing lists. When you select your departmental major you can make or reaffirm your commitment as an official participant in the certificate program.


Apply here.

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