Congratulations, Class of 2023!

May 30, 2023
Photo by Nick Donnoli

The Humanities Council is proud to award 71 certificates and 7 independent concentrations to seniors across five Council programs. Congratulations to all our students and thank you to our faculty!

Program in European Cultural Studies

Certificate Students: Sofia Alvarado (SPIA), Annabelle Berghof (Art & Archaeology), Beatrix Bondor (English), Lizzie Curran (French and Italian), José Pablo Fernández García (French and Italian), Michael Fording (Religion), Miguel Gracia-Zhang (History), Harry Higginbottom (Economics), Aaron Hilton (SPIA), Alison Hirsch (Art & Archaeology), Enjolique Hughes (History), Ian Johnson McInnis (Mathematics), Benjy Jude (Art & Archaeology), Eva Keker (Comparative Literature), Johanne Kjaersgaard (History), Harry Moross (Comparative Literature), Caroline Subbiah (English)

Read more about the Program in European Cultural Studies.

Program in Humanistic Studies

Certificate Students: Julien Alam (English), Anna Allport (Independent Concentration), Sydney Bebon (Classics), Annabelle Berghof (Art & Archaeology), Alexej Gundy (Independent Concentration), Katie Hameetman (Classics), Alison Hirsch (Art & Archaeology), Selena Hostetler (English), Isabella Impalli (Civil & Environmental Engineering), Ian Johnson McInnis (Mathematics), Selinay Kaplan (Psychology), Eva Keker (Comparative Literature), Henry Koffler (ORFE), Yuqi Liang (Philosophy), Andrew Matos (English), Zev Mishell (Near Eastern Studies), Micah Newberger (Comparative Literature), Emily Perez (Comparative Literature), Sakura Price (English), Kate Short (Comparative Literature), Rachel Sturley (English), Hana Widerman (English)

Read more about the Program in Humanistic Studies.

Program in Journalism

Certificate Students: Anna Allport (Independent Concentration), Evelyn Doskoch (Psychology), Marissa Hart (Economics), Alexander Hunter (SPIA), Auhjanae McGee (English), Tanvi Nibhanupudi (Economics), Johnatan Reiss (Politics), Edward Tian (Computer Science), Lydia You (Computer Science)

Read more about the Program in Journalism.

Program in Linguistics

Independent Concentrators: Madeline Jane Buswell, Molly I. Cutler, Xander Guidry, Alexej Gundy, Colin Vega, Reis O’Neill White, Sebastian Williams

Certificate Students: Mohammad Alqudah (Computer Science), Abigail Anthony (Politics), Becca Berman (Philosophy), Evan Brandon (Classics), Nicabec Casido (Neuroscience), Adam Elkins (SPIA), Abinitha Gourabathina (ORFE), Maryam Ibrahim (Sociology), Maryam Kamel (Molecular Biology), Shelby Kinch (Anthropology), Luca Morante (Comparative Literature), Megan Ogawa (Computer Science), Catherine Parker (Psychology), Donovan Pearce (Computer Science), Nathan Shapiro (Mathematics)

Read more about the Program in Linguistics.

Program in Medieval Studies

Certificate Students: Shaun Cason (History), William (Rett) Hillman (Classics), Adam Hoffman (Politics), Mary Alice Jouve (History), AJ Lonski (Neuroscience), Andrew Matos (English), Micah Newberger (Comparative Literature), Juliana Wojtenko (History)

Read more about the Program in Medieval Studies.

Senior Thesis Prize Winners

Asher Hinds Prize for Excellence in the Program in European Cultural Studies

Annabelle Berghof, Art & Archaeology
“The Bookkeeper-Magician”: Paul Klee and his Catalogue Raisonné
Thesis Adviser
: Brigid Doherty (German and Art & Archaeology)

Joseph R. Strayer Prize in Medieval Studies

Micah Newberger, Comparative Literature
A Great Voice: On Language from Sinai
Thesis Adviser: Daniel Heller-Roazen (Comparative Literature)

Richard D. Challener ’44 Senior Thesis Prize in Canadian Studies

Benjamin Gelman, Politics
Voting and Welfare in the Liberal State: Comparing the Politics of Redistribution in the U.S. and Canada
Thesis Adviser: Rocío Titiunik (Politics)

Senior Thesis Prize in Linguistics

Colin Vega, Independent Concentration 
Verb Extensions in Ruruuli-Lunyala: A Morphosyntactic Description
Thesis Adviser: Florian Lionnet (Linguistics and Humanities Council)

Reis O’Neill White, Independent Concentration 
Bringing Sociolectal Variation to the Extremes: Investigating the Role of Gradience in Perceptual Judgments of Sexuality from Pitch Accents
Thesis Adviser: Byron T. Ahn (Linguistics and Humanities Council)

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